CNC Laser

激光雕刻 cnc laser engraving cutting

CNC  laser have the advantage over CNC milling for it speed and accuracy. Our laser systems give you more creative options than other means of cutting, engraving or marking. Images created in any graphical design software like Photohop, Illustrator, AutoCAD, CorelDraw or photographic work taken with mobile phone can be recreated on material such as wood, acrylic, marble, glass, fabric and leather.

You can choose to engrave intricate 2D art on wood or acrylic sheets.

First pick your Art. You can choose any favourite photo or painting that you would like to engrave Or simply download it on-line.

The raster engraving process with the laser cutters works fairly simple. Greater the contrast on the photo, the more recognizable the painting will be on the wood. When the wood is engraved by the cutter, basically it has only two colors, Black & White, engraved (black) and not engraved surface (the wood). So it's very important to create high contrast on your paining, otherwise the laser will try to engrave every color and you'll end with black square where you cannot see anything. In order for this not to happen high contrast it's the only important step of this process.


Recommended Materials:


Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), also known as acrylic or acrylic glass  is highly regarded as one the most popular material in the industries. The applications for this beautiful transparent material are seemingly limitless and include product categories such as awards, gifts, signage and more.  Using a laser or a milling CNC machine, we can achieve truly  outstanding  engraved images from intricate logos to the fine details of a photograph.


 Wood is one of the popular material for engraving.  Traditionally used on conventional print presses before the copperplate engravings  was introduced in the mid-19th century. That's why engraving on wood often evoke nostalgia.




CO2激光器特别适合于切割亚克力,如制作招牌、展示架和其他演示产品的切割等等。 激光切割可提供如火焰抛光般的效果并且不需要后处理。成功的亚克力切割的效果好坏取决于一系列因素的影响,这包括材料本身的特性,所使用的CO2激光器的型号和激光切割设备的功率。

在切割亚克力时,CO2激光器功率的大小取决于亚克力的厚度以及激光切割设备所要达到的生产率。总的来说: 输出功率越大,切割亚克力越快。



    * 高速切割

    * 高度的灵活性

    * 非接触和无(切割)工具的操作过程

    * 清洁、如火焰抛光边缘的效果

    * 操作简单

    * 即使在小批量的情况下也具有很高的经济性



软木是一种很适宜激光雕刻的材料。 软木的激光雕刻只需要较低的激光功率就可获得对比度强的图案, 如果在加工前工件表面用遮蔽胶带遮住,就能获得特别令人满意的效果。由于软木的切割边缘容易脱落,所以软木的切割很困难。