Our CO2 laser CNC machine has the advantages of fast, accurate, repeatable and high quality edge finish.

CNC Milling

Engraving in 3D or 2.5D. Accurate. Cutting thick material with ease.

Machine Vision Systems

Improve manufacturing productivity and efficiency

Custom Machines Design

Empowering everyone to leverage on automation

Website Development

Creative. Customised. Affordable

Turning Ideas into Gold

You don't have to be an engineer or an artist to design something artistically complex like this sculpture. We can make your dreams come true.

Laser CNC cutting - Understanding the advantages of CNC laser cutting: . Cutting of extremely fine contours, enables us to cut complex shapes. . Fast, accurate and repeatable

Logo ColourUNIQWORXZ is pronounced exactly the same way as UNIQUE WORKS. We understand the uniqueness in every customer needs and provide customised solutions to the industrial, commercial and creative individual expectations.